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Abbreviation Titel
Developing Performance Monitoring and Analysis Middleware Based on the Network Weather Service
Research in Networked Multimedia Information Services
vLab A Cloud-based Resource and Service Sharing Platform for Computer and Network Security Education
CAREER A Flexible Flow- and Error-Control Protocol-Integration Architecture for Multicast Services Over Mobile Networks
A Formal Framework for Developing and Managing Adaptable Service Oriented Business Collaboration
II-EN A Heterogeneous Networking Test Bed to Support Middleware Services for Pervasive Sensing
SGER A Lightweight Drive-Through Management Service for Internet-enabled Ad-Hoc Networks
A Model for IT Security Outsourcing of Critical Services
CyberCut A Networked Manufacturing Service
A New Formal Framework for Service Oriented Process Communication
A Planning Workshop for NSF Network Information Services Architecture
ContextServ A Platform for Rapid and Flexible Development of Context-Aware Web Services
Quanta A Quality of Service and Adaptive Networking Toolkit for Supporting Advanced Collaborative Environments over Optical Networks
A Research Testbed for Services Based on Logistical Networking
NeTS A SCAFFOLD for Service Centric Networking
A Semantic Caching Service for Wireless Network Centric Environments
A State Estimation Based System for Fault Detection, Fault Isolation and Service Restoration in Power Distribution Networks
A transcolonial history of domestic service in the Asia-Pacific
CAREER A Unified Approach to Quality-of-Service Provisioning in Integrated Services Networks: Traffic Characterization, Resource Manage
ITR A Unified Experimental Testbed to Compare Bandwidth Contract Choices for Differentiated Service Networks
CAREER Accurate and Robust Admission Control in Integrated Services Networks
CAREER Achievable QoS and Scheduling Policies for Integrated Services Wireless Networks
ITR Active Queue Management for Scalable Network Services: Theory and Internet Practice
Adaptive and Scalable Quality of Service Provisioning in Multirate Multicast Networks
CAREER Adaptive Architecture for Multicast Service Support in Large-Scale Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: Design and Evaluation Framework
Agent-based coordination and negotiation technologies for decentralised service workflow management
Airports of the Future
Algorithmic Analysis and Congestion Control of Connection-Oriented Services in Large Scale Communication Networks
CAREER Algorithms for Services - Oriented Communications Networks
An Integrated Approach for Quality of Service in Cluster Networks
An Investigation of Export Performance Determinants Across Service Types
PlanetLab An Overlay Testbed for Disruptive Network Services
Application Driven Evaluation, Design, and Implementation of Network Services and Resource Sharing Models
Architictures for Digital Multimedia On-Demand Services in Integrated Networks
Balancing the needs of customers and employees following service failure: A dyadic psychosocial approach
BESTNet Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Training Network
BPM for Traumatology
NeTS-NBD Bridging the 10 GHz / 10 Gbit Gap: Whole-system approaches for scalable networked services
Building ambidextrous capacity in service industries-a cross national s
Serv.biz Business Transformation für hybride Wertschöpfungsnetwerke [en]
Changing modes: A study of the knowledge economy of human service research in Australia
Channel Adaptive Space-Time (CAST) Coding and Processing for Wireless Downlink Packet Services
Characterizing Protocol Interaction in NEWS: A Network Environment Wireless State Service
Children with speech impairment: A population study of prevalence, severity, impact and service provision
EAGER Co-Evolution of Social Service Delivery Networks and Population Dynamics
DENALI Collaborative Research: Scalable Services for the Global Network
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Connectionless Service in ATM Networks
Construction Systems to Reduce Seismic Impacts on Underground Services
Continued Operation of NSFnet Network Services Center
Corporate Governance and the Market for Audit Services
CoRSE Costumer Related Service Engineering [en]
CRC Smart Services: Common Business and Service Frameworks
Cross-Correlated Security and Service Quality in Heterogeneous Mobile Communication Networks
Customer Rage Spectrum Emotions in Service Failure Encounters: Linking Experience, Expression,Behaviour and Organisational Respo
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Demand for quality-differentiated network services
Design of MIMO Spatial Division Multiple Access Techniques for Multi-User Wireless Data Services
HyProDesign Design of Product-Service-Systems
Designing Dynamic Service Networks Effectively through Information Management
Designing for Reliability and Maintainability in Service-Oriented Architectures
NYI Designing Multimedia Services in Future Integrated Networking
Designing Responsive Product and Service Fulfillment Networks using Dynamic Adaptive Modeling
Developing Software Tools and Network Services for Mining Remote and Distributed Data Over High Performance Networks
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ExInnoService Die Synthese von Wissens- und Unternehmensprozessen als Basis eines exportorientierten Innovationsmanagements für Dienstleistungen (Services) [en]
DEXINPRO Dienstleistungsexport mit Industrieprodukten [en]
DL-Standards Dienstleistungsstandards für globale Märkte [en]
Standard:IS Dienstleistungsstandards in erfolgreichen Internationalisierungsstrategien [en]
Directory Services for a Nationwide Network
Distributed Composition Services for Self-Organizing Sensor Network Applications
ESS Dynamic and Stochastic Network Flow Models for Robust Revenue Optimization in Hotel Service Sector
Ecosystem services
Efficient and Fair Traffic Control for a Multi-Service Internet
Efficient Prediction of Application Metrics for E-Services
ITR Efficient Self-Organizing Content Distribution Network for Scalable Video Streaming Services
ITR/SII Energy and Quality of Service Aware Ad-Hoc Networking
Enhancing services to Australian children and families: linking workforce characteristics, job quality, and quality and outcomes
Enterprise Information Infrastructure
ServTyp Entwicklung einer Typologie für Servicekonzepte der Gebrauchsgüterindustrie [en]
StarLog Entwicklung eines Standards zur Klassifizierung, Spezifikation und Bewertung logistischer Dienstleistungen im Wirtschaftsverkehr [en]
ProService Entwicklung von Produktionskonzepten für die Integration von Produkt und produktbegleitender Dienstleistung als Beitrag zur Standortsicherung [en]
Export IT Erfolgsfaktoren der Internationalisierung und Exportfähigkeit von IT-Dienstleistungen [en]
Examining the role of service innovation and service branding capabilities in services firms value creation and appropriation: a
ExFed Export ferngelenkter Dienstleistungen [en]
Extensible Network Services for the Access Grid
Fair Intelligent Quality of Service Control and Path Discovery Mechanisms for Internet Scalable Architectures
Fit2Solve Fit2Solve - Vom Produzenten zum Lösungsanbieter [en]
FlexNet Flexible Informationssystem-Architekturen für hybride Wertschöpfungsnetzwerke [en]
MARIS Flexible methods for planning, validating, and implementing services for international markets
CRI Generic Experimental Networking Infrastructure for Research on Emerging Networks and Services
Genericity in Network Software: Using Type Systems and Formal Methods to Harness Diverse Theories and Calculi for Scalable and S
TecPro Geschäftsmodelle für technologieunterstützte, produktionsnahe Dienstleistungen des Werkzeug- und Formenbaus [en]
Smart Wheels Geschäftsmodelle und konvergente IKT-Dienste zur Verbreitung von Elektromobilität [en]
Smart Wheels Geschäftsmodelle und konvergente IKT-Dienste zur Verbreitung von Elektromobilität [en]
GRiPSS Gestaltung und Realisierung investiver Produkt-Service Systeme [en]
SBIR Global Correlation Service for Network Security Applications
Global Manufacturing and Service Networks
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vBNS High Performance Connection to the Very High Speed Network Service
High-Speed Integrated Services Communication Networks
Honesty and efficiency in the provision of expert services: doctors and other experts as participants in economic experiments
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PIPE Hybride Wertschöpfung im Maschinen- und Anlagenbau [en]
HyDoTre HyDoTre - Doktorandentreffen zur Thematik "Hybride Produkte in Forschung und Praxis" [en]
HyPro HyPro [en]
Immersive Service Interfaces
HyPriCo Implementierung hybrider Produkte durch Preis- und Vertragsgestaltung [en]
Implementing Evidence-Based Practice: Factors that Influence the Use of Research Evidence by Human Service Professionals
Improving Government Policy Making and Needs-Based Delivery of Services: Innovative Techniques to Enhance Administrative Data by
Improving Service Sector Competitiveness
Improving the Robustness of Cluster-based Network Services Using Peer-to-peer Design Principles
SBIR Improving the Robustness of Cluster-based Network Services Using Peer-to-peer Design Principles
IDEE Industrielle Dienstleistungen Erfolgreich Exportieren [en]
Information Health Monitor: An Instrument to Assess the Product and Service Quality of Information
r2b - robot-to-business Informationstechnische Integration teilautonomer, mobiler Maschinen und Prozesse in Geschäfts- und Dienstleistungsmodelle [en]
INVEST-S Innovative produktnahe Dienstleistungen in Kunden-Lieferanten-Netzwerken der Investitionsgüterindustrie [en]
InnoWa-KMU Innovative Wachstumsstrategien für KMU durch produktionsnahe hybride Dienstleistungen [en]
InDiCAP Innovatives Dienstleistungsmodell für die CAM-basierte Produktionsplanung [en]
NMI Instruments and Sensors as Network Services: Instruments as First Class Members of the Grid
Integrated Services Local Area Networks
HyProDesign Integrierte Entwicklung hybrider Produkte [en]
SmartWert Integrierter Preisfindungsprozess im Maschinen- und Anlagenbau [en]
ITR Intelligent Networks for Resilient Web Services
International content management: a new service industry for New Zealand
InProDi Internationale Wettbewerbsfähigkeit durch komplementäre Produkt- und Dienstleistungsentwicklung [en]
Investigating a classroom simulation designed to support pre-service teacher decision making in planning and implementing litera
Investigating the Individuality/Scalability Tradeoff in the Provision of Networked Services
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ServKon Konfiguration von Produkt-Service Systemen im Nutzfahrzeugbereich
ServKon Konfiguration von Produkt-Service Systemen im Nutzfahrzeugbereich [en]
KMiDL Kostenmanagement in der Entwicklung von industriellen Dienstleistungen in der Antriebstechnik [en]
KorServ Kundennutzenorientierte Entwicklung, Bewertung und Vermarktung von Leistungsbündeln [en]
SBIR Large-Scale Social Network Analysis Software Services for the Telecommunications Industry
MSCO Maintenance Supply Chain Optimisation
Mind-Bau Management der Integration von Dienstleistungen und Produktion im Baugewerbe (Managing the integration of services and production in the construction industry) [en]
Managing IT Service Provision and Sourcing in Australia, 2010-2019
CAREER Markets for Network Services
Maximising the conservation of biodiversity and the delivery of ecosystem services: What to do, where and when
Megha: Utility-Oriented Federation of Cloud Computing Environments for Scaling of Application Services
Pro Dienst Methodik zur Integration Produktionsorientierter Dienstleistungen in Unternehmensstrategie und Wertschöpfungsstrukturen für die Zerspanungstechnik [en]
MACS Mobile Automotive Cooperative Services [en]
Modelling IT Alignment in Multi-Business Service Organisations
Modelling Payments for Environmental Services on Indigenous held lands
Modelling the Internet as a Geographical System
MoveOn Moderne Dienstleistungen durch innovative Organisationsprozesse [en]
MARIS Modulare Architekturen und Assessments für die systematische Internationalisierung von Serviceangeboten [en]
Multi-Channel Content Delivery and Mobile Personalisation
NeTS-NR:Bootstrapping Broad-Coverage Network Services
NetSe Network Data Services for Exposure Biology Studies in Natural Environments
Network Information Services Manager(s) for NSFNET and the NREN
Network Information Services Manager(s) for NSFNET and the NREN
Network Interface Support for High-Performance and Scalable Communication Services in Clusters
CAREER Network Samaritans (NETSAM): Network-Assisted Service for the Internet
CERT Network Service Provider and Infrastructure Initiative
NSS Networked Service Society
NSS Networked Service Society
NSS Networked Service Society
ITR Networking Urban Ecological Models Through Distributed Services
NeTS-NR Networks with Extended Quality of Service using Service Vectors
New Media Services
Next Generation Reference Process Models
Next Generation Ubiquitous Service Spaces
Object-based Video Compression for Delay-Insensitive Services
OSS One-Stop Services für die weltweite industrielle Produktion [en]
Ontology-based Studies of Process Modelling
OpenFactory OpenFactory: Auftragsabwicklung in der Supply Chain [en]
Ogemo.net Optimale Geschäftsmodelle für hybride Produkte in kooperativen Wertschöpfungsnetzwerken [en]
Packet Network Architecture and Prorocols for Video Services
Personal Communication Services/Wireless Networks: European Survey and Basic Research
ServNET Planung und Bewertung von Dienstleistungsnetzwerken kleiner und mittlerer Unternehmen der Investitionsgüterindustrie [en]
Positive Externalities and Complementarities in Networked Services
NetSE Privacy-Preserving Information Network and Services for Healthcare Applications
Pro bono service: drivers, delight, dark side and downside for the professional
Producer Services Growth and the Development of Corporate Complex Networks in U.S. Metropolitan Regions
IDproBlech Produktionsnahe integrierte Dienstleistungen in der Prozesskette Blechverarbeitung [en]
KoProServ Produktivitätssteigerung durch komponentenbasierte Dienstleistungen [en]
poDLE Produktorientierte Dienstleistungsentwicklung [en]
ProPro Projektmanagement für produktionsnahe Dienstleistungen [en]
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Protocol to Support Real-Time Video Teleconferencing on Integrated Services Digital Network
Providing End-to-End Quality of Service to Internet Applications
CAREER Providing Interactive VOD Services in Multicast Networks
Provision by THEnet of NSFnet Regional Network Services
Proxy Services in Wide Area Networks
ITR/SY QoS-Aware Execution Environments for Multi-tier Network Services
Quality of Service (QoS) Provisioning in InfiniBand Architecture for System Area Networks
Quality of Service Guarantees in High Speed Networks
Quality of Service-based Scheduling of e-Research Application Workflows on Global Grids
Quality-of-Service-Based Adaptive Coding for Wireless Communications Networks
Raising the Internet's Quality of Service through improved congestion management
Rapidly Locating Items in Distribution Networks with Process-Driven Nodes
TecPro Remote Service Concepts for Intelligent Toll-Machine Systems
Rent-A-Robot Rent-A-Robot [en]
Research in Networked Multimedia Information Services-Duet Server Deployment Additions
CISE Research Instrumentation: Wireless Networks for Delivery of Multimedia Services
ITR Resource Allocation and Denial of Service Prevention in Active Networks
RIA Resource Allocation in Multiple Service, Multiple Resource Communication Networks
Resource Virtualization for Cluster-Based Network Storage Service
r2b Robot to Business: IT-Supported Integration of Semi-Autonomous Mobile machines and Processes into Business and Service Models
SENSORS Robust Event Services for Emergency Response in Sensor Networks
Routing, Wavelength Assignment, Dimensioning and Performance of Optical Networks with Multicast Service
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Scalable Composition and Deployment of Business-to-Business Web-based E-Services
ITR Scalable Edge Router for Differentiated Services Networks
Digital Campus Scalable Information Services on a Campus-wide Wireless Network
ITR Scalable Services for the Global Network
CAREER Scalable, Robust and Secure Group-Oriented Services for Wireless Mesh Networks
Secure Virtually Isolated Networks to Avoid and Tolerate Denial of Service
Security Services for Stream-Oriented and Multicast-Based Communication
Security Services in Open Telecommunications Networks
Security Services in Open Telecommunications Networks
CAREER Self-Organization Services and Application Support Constructs for Sensor Networks
ServDEA ServDEA - Service Productivity Benchmarking with Data Envelopment Analysis
Service Chain Service Chain Management in industriellen Wertschöpfungsketten [en]
Service Delivery Framework
Service Ecosystems Management for Collaborative Process Improvement
RIA Service Provisioning, Flow Control, and Robustness
Services 2020
SoCS Signal Processing and Information Theoretic Approaches to Denoising and Demystifying Social Network Services
Software for the Extraction, Management, Transmission and Sharing of Information; and Formal Methods in the Software Process
ITR Stateless Quality of Service Routing in IP Networks
Strategic Archetypes, Knowledge Management Practices and Knowledge Processes in the Provision of Assurance and Consulting Servic
SInProD Strategien der Integration von Produkten und Dienstleistungen in der Bauindustrie [en]
Supporting Quality of Service in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
ServSYS Systematik zur Bewirtschaftung von Dienstleistungen [en]
SPRINT Systematisches Design zur Integration von Produkt und Dienstleistung in der Gesundheitswirtschaft [en]
NSDL Technical Network Services: A Cyberinfrastructure Platform for STEM Education
MeDiNa Telemedicine Services for Home-Healthcare
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The burden of epilepsy study: Impact on well-being, service use and economic outcomes
The Global Governance of Tax and Financial Services: Who Regulates, Who Wins, Who Loses
The Impact of Customer-Focused Business Strategies on Organisational Performance in a Professional Service Context
INBOUNDS The Integrated Network-Based Ohio University Network Detective Service
The meaning of work, well-being and the changing terms, times and spaces of service sector job
The Networked Service Society
The new services industry model: Implications for audio-visual media
The OCKHAM Library Network, Integrating the NSDL into Traditional Library Services
The social network antecedents and performance outcomes of service innovation
Timed Commitment Schemes to Smooth Internet Bottlenecks, Defend against Denial of Service Attacks, and Bypass Some Legal Problem
NeTS-NEDG Toward Service Predictability under Uncertain Resource Availability in 802.11 Like Networks
Toward the Regulation of the Location-Based Services Industry: Influencing Australian Government Telecommunications Policy
Towards Community Services: Putting Parallel Network Services On-line
Towards high quality, healthy, comfortable and affordable indoor environments. A comprehensive model to assess products and serv
EAGER Towards increasing the usage of new high-speed network services by the scientific community
RIA Traffic Control Algorithms for Integrated Services Networks with Deterministic Performance Guarantees
Triggered Strategies in Wireless Networks with Multiple Calls, Multiple Channel Services and Multiple-Level QoS Degradations
Trust-enhanced recommender systems for personalised government-to-business e-service
Unifying Events and Threads: Language Support for Network Services
Very High Speed Backbone Network Services Provider for NSFNET and the NREN (SM) Program
Video Services and ATM Based BISDN Networks
Virtual Networking - Enabling Innovation in Networks and Services
Virtual Networking - Enabling Network Service Innovation
Transolve Vom Produzenten zum Solution Seller [en]
NANUSO Wachstumsfördernde Dienstleistungen zur nachhaltigen Nutzung von hochwertigen Sondermaschinen [en]
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Wisconsin Science Education Service Centers Network Project
ServPay Zahlungsbereitschaften für Geschäftsmodelle produktbegleitender Dienstleistungen [en]