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Role-Based Access Control for Information Federations in the Industrial Service Sector [de]
An Empirical Exploration of Requirements Engineering for Hybrid Products [de]
Information Needs in Service Systems – A Framework for Integrating Service and Manufacturing Business Processes [de]
Open Innovation Success or Failure – The Impact of Contextual Factors [de]
Configurative Service Engineering -A Rule-Based Configuration Approach for Versatile Service Processes in Corrective Maintenance [de]
About Appropriation of Mobile Applications: The Applicability of Structural Features and Spirit [de]
The Unaspected Destiny of a Collaborative E-Marketplace: The Agriok Case [de]
Supporting Moderators of Company Networks by an Optimization Service for Orchestration [de]
Factors Affecting Customer Loyalty to Application Service Providers in Different Levels of Relationships [de]
Identification of Services - A Stakeholder-Based Approach to SOA Development and its Application in the Area of Production Plan [de]
A Framework for Developing Personalizeable Mobile Services in Automobiles [de]
Vorgehensmodelle des Product-Service Systems Engineering (PSSE) - Regelkreismodell des Life Cycle Managements investiver PSS
Vorgehensmodelle des Product-Service Systems Engineering (PSSE) - Hybride Produktentwicklung für produzierende Dienstleister
Nachhaltigkeitseffekte hybrider Leistungsbündel
Wachstums- und Ertragspotenziale im Service im Maschinenbau (Erhebung)
Vorgehensmodell zur Weiterentwicklung zum hybriden Leistungsanbieter
Vorgehensmodell zur Planung industrieller Dienstleistungsprogramme
Vermarktung von Lösungen - Eine personalwirtschaftliche Perspektive
Übersicht zu Innovationen in der Produktion (Erhebung)