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Success Factors in the Introduction of Standard Software in Core Processes of Banks

Dimension Value
  • Type of the Research Result
  • Empirical Study
    • Observation Results
  • Current Status of Development
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  • Number of Cases
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  • Functional Area
  • Core Processes
    • Core Processes First Level
      • Breakup of Networks of Product-Service-Systems
      • Design and Implementation of Product-Service-Systems
      • Ideas Generation for Product-Service-Systems
      • Implementation of the Infrastructure for Product-Service-Systems
    • Core Processes Second Level
      • Distribution of Product-Service-Systems
    • Core Processes Third Level
      • Finishing the Provision (of Parts) of the Product-Service-System
      • Initiation of Product-Service-Systems
      • Providing (Parts) of the Product-Service-System
      • Resource Planning of Product-Service-Systems
  • Company Size
  • Not Specified
  • Lifecycle Phase
  • Not Specified
  • Types of Customers of Value Bundles
  • Businesses
  • Industry Sector
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Standardization
  • Not Specified

Multiple studies have investigated the success factors of standard software introductions in general as well as in specific industries. New standard software packages for banks’ core business functions have emerged on the market, but little is known about their introduction’s success factors. In this paper, authors analyzed four major banks from German-speaking central Europe that have introduced a standard software package for their core business functions.

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