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Konzeption und Entwurf des hybriden Leistungsbündels und der hybriden Wertschöpfung

Analysis of E-Learning Implementation Cost Pools
Design Factors for Service-oriented Architecture Applied to Analytical Information Systems: an Explorative Analysis [de]
Service Analysis - A Critical Assessment of The State of the Art [de]
Collaborative Sourcing – The Motivation and Design of Demand Side Combinations [de]
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Information Needs in Service Systems – A Framework for Integrating Service and Manufacturing Business Processes [de]
Groupsona: A Method for Discovering the Needs of Social Interaction Embedded Services [de]
Generating Service Value Webs by Hierarchical Configuration: A Case in Intellectual Property Rights Clearing [de]
Empathic Service Systems: ‘Designing’ Emotion in a Cancer Care Service System [de]
Managing the Current Customization of Process Related IT-Services [de]
Learning Service Experience from the Service Encounter of a Retailing Chain Storefront [de]
Reference Models and Modeling Languages for Product-Service Systems – Status-Quo and Perspectives for Further Research [de]
Use of Colored Petri Nets to Model, Analyze and Evaluate Service Composition and Orchestaration [de]