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A Transaction Cost Theoretical Analysis of Software-As-A-Service (Saas)-Based Sourcing in SMBs And Enterprises

Dimension Value
  • Type of the Research Result
  • Empirical Study
    • Survey Results
  • Current Status of Development
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  • Number of Cases
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  • Functional Area
  • Coordinating Processes
    • Management of Values and Culture for Product-Service-Systems
      • Strategic Planning of Product-Service-Systems
      • Core Processes
        • Core Processes Third Level
          • Providing (Parts) of the Product-Service-System
      • Company Size
      • Medium-sized Organizations (Headcount <250)
      • Micro-sized Organizations (Headcount <10)
      • Small-sized Organizations (Headcount <50)
      • Lifecycle Phase
      • Utilization
      • Types of Customers of Value Bundles
      • Businesses
      • Industry Sector
      • Providing other Public and Personal Services
      • Standardization
      • Not Specified

      This study seeks to better understand the factors contributing to the adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) as on-demand sourcing option. Grounded in transaction cost theory (TCT), authors develop research model for assessing SaaS-sourcing at the application level. Four hypotheses with three TCT based constructs (application specificity, environmental uncertainty, and usage frequency) and one contingency factor (firm size) affecting the adoption of SaaS-based sourcing were formulated.

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