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Evaluating IT Services Price Benchmarks under Uncertainty

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    IT  services  prices  change  as  technology  and  business  processes  evolve  and  competition  intensifies.  To  ensure price-competitive IT services over the life of the contract, client firms  often rely on price benchmarks,  whereby  a  third-party assesses the prevailing market price for the service. The authors provide a model to inform firms on the optimal timing and valuation of price benchmarks and assess the value of market price information  for  IT  services.  They find  that  IT  service-level  agreement (SLA) price benchmarks are most valuable for long-term contracts with significant price drift. Besides, they find that IT services price transparency  is  valuable  where  there  is  uncertainty  about  the price drift of IT services. We provide managerial recommendations based on our model for IT service price benchmarks.



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