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Implementation of the Infrastructure for Product-Service-Systems

Developing Public E-Services for Several Stakeholders – A Multifaceted View of The Needs for an E-Service
Coordinating Service Composition
Service Scenarios - A Socio-Technical Approach to Business Service Modeling
Generative Mechanisms for Innovation in Information Infrastructures
Metaphor-Based Alliance Partners Recommendation for Unique and Attractive Destination Image Building
Information Needs in Service Systems – A Framework for Integrating Service and Manufacturing Business Processes
Generating Service Value Webs by Hierarchical Configuration: A Case in Intellectual Property Rights Clearing
Toward a Ubiquitous Personalized Daily-Life Activity Recommendation Service with Contextual Information: A Services Science Pers
Using Process Models for the Design of Service-Oriented Architecture: Methodology and E-Commerce Case Study
Towards a Framework for Evaluating Immersive Business Models: Evaluating Service Innovations in Second Life
The Critical Issues about Deploying RFID in Healthcare Industry by service perspective
Service-oriented Resource Management
About Appropriation of Mobile Applications: The Applicability of Structural Features and Spirit
Diffusion of E-Government Services in Australia: Citizens' Perspectives
Understanding the Key Drivers in User Loyalty Toward Mobile Data Services
Questioning the Use of Opaque Web Practices among Low-cost Airline Carriers
Success Factors in the Introduction of Standard Software in Core Processes of Banks
IT Service Management Improvement – Actor Network Perspective
Towards Providing Lightweight Access to Legacy Applications as Cloud-Based Services
Vorgehensmodelle des Product-Service Systems Engineering (PSSE) - Vergleichsrahmen für PSSE-Vorgehensmodelle [en]