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The Design of An Accountability Framework for Service Engineering [de]

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    Service industry is qualitatively different from merchandize exchange as business activities. Service activities may be used to deliver help, utility, experience, information, or other intellectual content to its clients. They are much more dynamic and unpredictable in both demand and supply. They are also very quality-sensitive and trust-dependent. Questions such as what the best ways are to maintain desired service levels while increasing efficiency and productivity, and how a service can guarantee end-to-end manageability and visibility throughout the entire services cycle should be addressed in the study of service science and engineering. In this paper, the authors present the accountability framework for service engineering. The goal of this article which addresses service science and engineering research is to advance IT-based services technology for service innovation, composition and delivery. In this project, the service accountability framework to detect, diagnose, and defuse the real problem in a service process is studied. This is important when a service process has external service providers. An efficient mechanism is needed to ensure that external services do provide an acceptable level of performance and stability, in order to meet the overall quality of service (QoS). The design adopts Bayesian Networks to look for the most likely causes in a service process and inspects those services individually to identify the problem. The authors implement the inteLLigent Accountability Management Architecture (LLAMA) accountability service bus, a dynamic and efficient service infrastructure to support the monitoring, analysis, and reconfiguration of service processes. It includes accountability agents to continuously monitor services and an accountability authority to identify faulty ones.

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