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Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST)


South Korea
Name der Organisation: [UNIST] Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST)
Organisationsart: Hochschule

UNIST has been founded with the aim of becoming not only one of South Korea’s most prominent national universities but also one of the leading global universities in science and technology. UNIST is located in Ulsan, a metropolitan city, where Korea’s leading industries, including automotive, ship building and petrochemical, are clustered. Being located in the capital of Korean industry, UNIST is realizing its potential and is emerging as a hub of industry-academic cooperation in advanced technologies. Since our top-class, eco-friendly campus was opened in March 2009, UNIST has been carving out a niche for itself as a world leading university in science and technology. We are achieving this through the education of exceptional students and by focusing on advanced and interdisciplinary research, particularly in the area of “green” technologies. UNIST welcomes outstanding foreign professors and students to better foster an international environment. We are executing campus-wide English-only classes and adopting various criteria to recruit distinctive and creative students from around the world. We are certain that the advanced curriculum and discussion-oriented lectures offered at UNIST will help to best develop the abilities of all our students. In addition, we are currently establishing strong partnership programs with a number of prestigious foreign and domestic institutions to promote UNIST’s education and research activities. UNIST is cultivating global leaders who will lead society, industry and the academic world, and is creating innovative theories and cutting-edge technologies that will greatly impact the future of mankind. As the first president of UNIST, I am committed to developing UNIST as a world-leading university in science and technology.


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