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ESCP Europe

Heubnerweg 8-10
Wirtschaftshochschule Berlin
14059 Berlin
Name der Organisation: [ESCP] ESCP Europe
Organisationsart: Sonstige Forschungseinrichtung

ESCP Europe is both a high-level school of management with international scope and a large-scale European institution. It was founded in Paris in 1819 and, since then, has educated generations of leaders, contributing to the fine reputation it enjoys today. The European calling of the school was born when the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry decided in 1973 to create a multi-campus school of management in France, Germany and the United Kingdom, called EAP. The ambition was to contribute actively to the development of a European economic culture. With five campuses in Paris, Berlin, London, Madrid and Turin, ESCP-EAP became the School of Management for Europe.

Each year ESCP Europe welcomes 4,000 students and a similar number of top-level executives. It is at the cutting edge of a knowledge and immaterial economy; fosters innovation and accompanies business organisations in their change process; sustains a wide international partnership network reflecting its global ambitions; is actively involved in economic and societal debate on European issues. Students and executives come from around the world. The school offers them a model of management which prepares them for the future in the respect of such humanist European values as creativity, history, culture, transversality and diversity.


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