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Self-Organization Services and Application Support Constructs for Sensor Networks

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    Projektansprechpartner: Dr. Andreas Savvides

    Self-Organization Services and Application Support Constructs for Sensor Networks (CAREER)

    Autonomous self-configuration is an essential component for the deployment of scalable wireless sensor networks. Despite the significant progress of network services, experience with even modest sized testbeds has shown that the per-node configuration is a significant barrier for large scale deployments. To address this issue this research will consider three main components of self-configuration in distributed sensor networks: location calibration, grouping and mobility. The emphasis will be on the careful design of distributed self-organization algorithms drawing from multiple disciplines in engineering and computer science and their integration with the state-of-the-art technologies in wireless communication, processing and sensing. The results will be applied to the development of a set of application constructs that will serve as an "alphabet" for understanding mobility patterns and orchestrating behaviors using wireless microsensors. The proposed application constructs will be pursued through the design and implementation of a game application that will interpret the behavior of its users and generate responses aiming to change the player's behavior.  The impact of this work will arise from the rigorous exercise of the developed concepts in the context of the game and the actual deployment of the game variants in everyday life environments, where intelligent sensors will seamlessly interact with their users. The results of this work will be published in conferences, taught in a new course on sensor networks and will be posted on the web for other institutions interested in adopting it. The hardware and software developed under this project will be made available to the community so that they can be applied in other sensor network applications.

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