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A transcolonial history of domestic service in the Asia-Pacific [de]
Service Delivery Framework [de]
Services 2020 [de]
Multi-Channel Content Delivery and Mobile Personalisation [de]
Personalisation [de]
New Media Services [de]
Immersive Service Interfaces [de]
Implementing Evidence-Based Practice: Factors that Influence the Use of Research Evidence by Human Service Professionals [de]
Changing modes: A study of the knowledge economy of human service research in Australia [de]
Improving Government Policy Making and Needs-Based Delivery of Services: Innovative Techniques to Enhance Administrative Data by [de]
Maximising the conservation of biodiversity and the delivery of ecosystem services: What to do, where and when [de]
Toward the Regulation of the Location-Based Services Industry: Influencing Australian Government Telecommunications Policy [de]
Investigating a classroom simulation designed to support pre-service teacher decision making in planning and implementing litera [de]
Enhancing services to Australian children and families: linking workforce characteristics, job quality, and quality and outcomes [de]
Towards Community Services: Putting Parallel Network Services On-line [de]
Security Services in Open Telecommunications Networks [de]
Resource Virtualization for Cluster-Based Network Storage Service [de]
Signal Processing and Information Theoretic Approaches to Denoising and Demystifying Social Network Services [de]
Robust Event Services for Emergency Response in Sensor Networks [de]
Improving the Robustness of Cluster-based Network Services Using Peer-to-peer Design Principles [de]