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Controlling der hybriden Wertschöpfung

Framework of a Process Laboratory for the Operational Control of Service Processes
Towards Global Service Quality Dimensions: an Exploration of Commonality in Service Quality Measurement across Industries
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An Evaluation Framework for e-Government Services Based on Principles Laid Out in COBIT, the ISO 9000 Standard, and TAM [de]
The impact of mobile computing in the performance evaluation of Emergency Medical Services: An Australian case study [de]
Transforming IT Service Management – the ITIL Impact [de]
Internationales Servicemarketing - Die neue Dimension im industriellen Wettbewerb
Ex-ante-Kalkulationsmodell zur mittel- bis langfrisigen Budgetkalkulation für den Dienstleistungsexport
Vorgehensmodelle des Product-Service Systems Engineering (PSSE) - Vergleichsrahmen für PSSE-Vorgehensmodelle
Vorgehensmodelle des Product-Service Systems Engineering (PSSE) - Rahmenkonzept zur Entwicklung von PSS