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A S-D Logic Based Approach to Input-Output Analysis for Technology Spillover

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Technology spillovers can generate positive effects on  industries  which  have  been  an  important  issue within the production based (or goods-dominant logic) disciplines, such as in the manufacture industries. The input-output  analysis  has  been  considered  as  a  good way  to  explore  and  measure  the  effects  of  technology spillover.    Nevertheless,    in    the    current    service- economics  and  experience  era,  service  industries  play an  essential  role  and  thus  the  spread  of  the  service technologies would also become an important topic to investigate. The service-dominant logic (so-called S-D logic)  underlying  the  service  industries  emphasizes customer  involvement  that  however  was  not  regarded in   the   traditional   input-output   analysis   approach.  Consequently, this paper aims to present an S-D logic based    approach of  the    analysis    in    order    to systematically   explore   and   measure   the   effects   of technology  spillover  in  services.  Furthermore,  this paper uses a  case study to demonstrate the contributions  of   the   approach   and   its   anticipated impacts to service innovation.

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