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MetaMIS - Designing Reporting Systems

Dimension Value
  • Type of the Research Result
  • Method
    • Modeling Method
  • Current Status of Development
  • In Progress
    • With Pilot Application
  • Number of Cases
  • 6-10
  • Functional Area
  • Coordinating Processes
    • Controlling of Product-Service-Systems
    • Strategic Planning of Product-Service-Systems
  • Supporting Processes
    • Information Management
  • Company Size
  • Medium-sized Organizations (Headcount <250)
  • Micro-sized Organizations (Headcount <10)
  • Small-sized Organizations (Headcount <50)
  • Lifecycle Phase
  • Utilization
  • Types of Customers of Value Bundles
  • Not Specified
  • Industry Sector
  • Not Specified
  • Standardization
  • No Standardization

By using a semantic model based on Riebel’s enterprise theory, the MetaMIS approach is an ontology-driven method which aims to bridge the communication gap between partners in a hybrid value creation network. Therefore, the approach is suitable for the design of interorganisational reporting systems. MetaMIS initially consists of a simple non-technical language, a formalism to represent this language, and guidelines for the modeling of information spaces based on this language. At first, overall master data of different management views within a hybrid network are modeled with respect to company-spanning concepts. These master data form the dimensions which span the space in which management views exist. After that, report master data are modeled in order to design task-specific management views. The resulting conceptual models can be used to create reporting systems which allow an interorganizational evaluation of processes inside a hybrid value creation network.

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