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Barriers for Transformation: Impediments for Transforming the Public Sector through Egovernment

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  • Coordinating Processes
    • Controlling of Product-Service-Systems
      • Management of Values and Culture for Product-Service-Systems
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          • Breakup of Networks of Product-Service-Systems
          • Ideas Generation for Product-Service-Systems
      • Supporting Processes
        • Human Resources
        • Company Size
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        • Lifecycle Phase
        • Pre-Utilization
        • Types of Customers of Value Bundles
        • Public Administrations
        • Industry Sector
        • Public Administration and Defense, Social Insurance
        • Standardization
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        As there is little insight in the barriers that organizations encounter on their path to Transformational Government, this research investigates those barriers by looking at two case studies that have made efforts to transform. The barriers authors found include a lack of knowledge about necessary changes, a lack of change in the organization structure and the absence of a transformational mindset.

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