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Computer Science

Telemedicine Services for Home-Healthcare
Maintenance Supply Chain Optimisation
Continued Operation of NSFnet Network Services Center
Integrated Services Local Area Networks
Network Information Services Manager(s) for NSFNET and the NREN
Network Information Services Manager(s) for NSFNET and the NREN
Protocol to Support Real-Time Video Teleconferencing on Integrated Services Digital Network
Very High Speed Backbone Network Services Provider for NSFNET and the NREN (SM) Program
Resource Allocation in Multiple Service, Multiple Resource Communication Networks
Security Services for Stream-Oriented and Multicast-Based Communication
Megha: Utility-Oriented Federation of Cloud Computing Environments for Scaling of Application Services
Quality of Service-based Scheduling of e-Research Application Workflows on Global Grids
Agent-based coordination and negotiation technologies for decentralised service workflow management
Timed Commitment Schemes to Smooth Internet Bottlenecks, Defend against Denial of Service Attacks, and Bypass Some Legal Problem
Virtual Networking - Enabling Network Service Innovation
Video Services and ATM Based BISDN Networks
Unifying Events and Threads: Language Support for Network Services
Triggered Strategies in Wireless Networks with Multiple Calls, Multiple Channel Services and Multiple-Level QoS Degradations
A Lightweight Drive-Through Management Service for Internet-enabled Ad-Hoc Networks
Traffic Control Algorithms for Integrated Services Networks with Deterministic Performance Guarantees