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Managing the Current Customization of Process Related IT-Services [de]

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IT service  providers  are  increasingly  required  to orientate their service portfolio towards the IT support of  their consumer’s  business  processes.  This  enables diversification  as  well  as  transparency  in  costs  and services  vis-à-vis  the  customer  to  be  achieved.  Such services  however,  appear  too  customer  specific  for  a standardized service provision within the context of IT-industrialisation  as  they  are  subject  to  constantly changing customer demands. To combat this, a concept is envisaged that keeps business process orientated IT-services  modifiable  and  configurable  by  concretely defining  additional  Associate  Services  in  advance.  In order  to  maintain  transparency  and  influence  in  IT expenses,  these  services  orientate  themselves  towards business   objects   in   the   customer’s   business. The concept is illustrated with the aid of examples from its application and further development together with two associate IT-providers.

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