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E-fulfilment Systems for Quality Healthcare Delivery: A New Construct for Visualising and Designing [de]

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Electronically delivered information and funds transaction systems do offer such organisations great potentialfor efficiency and effectiveness, but many large integrated ICT systems, particularly in public service projects,have notoriously underperformed and disappointed. To ensure that quality is ‘engineered in’ a holistic,integrated and quality approach is required, and Total Quality Management (TQM) principles are the obviousfoundations for this. TQM is a business philosophy that encourages an over-arching responsibility - both individual and collective - to quality and customer satisfaction. This paper describes a novel approach toviewing the operations of a healthcare provider where electronic means could be used to distribute informationand facilitate electronic fund settlements, building around the Full Service Provider core. Specifically, anapproach called the “triple pair flow” model is used to provide a view of healthcare delivery that is integrated,yet detailed, and that combines the strategic enterprise view with a business process view.

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