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Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Center for Coordination Science

30 Wadsworth St
02142 Cambridge, MA
United States
Name der Organisation: [MITC] Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Center for Coordination Science
Organisationsart: Hochschule

We believe that a powerful basis for understanding how information technology can help people work together more effectively will result from a better understanding of the nature of coordination. Therefore, work in the center includes studies of coordination in many different forms: 

(1) Organizational structures and information technology - studying how people work together now and how they might do so differently with new kinds of information technology. 

(2) Coordination technology - designing and studying innovative computer systems that help people work together in small or large groups (e.g., "groupware", "computer-supported cooperative work", and "electronic markets"). 

(3) Coordination theory - developing and testing theories about how coordination can occur in a variety of systems such as human organizations, markets, and computer networks.

Sponsorship of Center for Coordination Science includes Fuji Xerox Co. Ltd., Intel Corporation, The National Science Foundation, and Mastercard International. For a complete list of our Corporate Sponsors Contact us


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