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Generating Service Value Webs by Hierarchical Configuration: A Case in Intellectual Property Rights Clearing

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      • Design and Implementation of Product-Service-Systems
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Enterprises  increasingly  jointly  participate  in servicevalue webs.  They do so because enterprises can then offer services they could not offer on their own.  In earlier work, we have developed the e3 value methodology to conceptually model such networks, as a design task.  This paper proposes an approach to semi-automatically generate such service value networks based on service profiles and a stated consumer need. To this end, we apply skeleton design and hierarchical configuration techniques. The configuration process is illustrated by a case study in the field of intellectual property right clearing.

Firstly, the authors lift e3 value to the industry level, that is to model the music industry, rather than just an individual business case as e3 value is normally used for. Secondly, they employ the skeleton to generate e3 value instance models for specific business cases.




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