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Comparing Coordination Arrangements Enabled by Web Services and Web Service Orchestration Technology

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  • Empirical Study
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  • Functional Area
  • Coordinating Processes
    • Strategic Planning of Product-Service-Systems
    • Core Processes
      • Core Processes First Level
        • Breakup of Networks of Product-Service-Systems
    • Company Size
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    • Pre-Utilization
    • Types of Customers of Value Bundles
    • Public Administrations
    • Industry Sector
    • Public Administration and Defense, Social Insurance
    • Standardization
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    There are various ways to organize the coordination of cross-agency processes. In general it can be done in either a centralized or a decentralized way. Yet there is much confusion about which type of arrangement best fits public administration. In this paper authors report two case studies; the first one takes a decentralized way to coordinate activities and the other takes a centralized approach.

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